The bathylogger BathyCat unmanned survey boat is a RC or autonomous surveying platform that is ready to use and one man deployable. When Combined with the bathylogger bl200 200khz single beam echo sounder or the bl230 dual frequency single beam echo sounder you are ready to tackle small and large bathymetric survey jobs. Most customers just add their own GPS like Trimble , Leica, Topcon, Carlson or other. Most field software comes with drivers for echo sounders so you dont have to stop at the water’s edge like in years past. Our customers are handling most of the inland single beam echo sounder work needed. Dams, lakes, rivers, Harbors, tailings, ponds, mines and much more. RC unmanned survey boats are becoming the choice over having personnel on the water. Safety, increased insurance costs and transporting a boat on a trailer are just a few of the reasons to use an unmanned survey boat over a traditional manned craft.
  • Length: 1010mm / 40 inches
  • Width: 609mm / 24 inches
  • Battery: 3S 8000mah Lipoly
  • Battery Endurance: 4 hours each / quick swap battery changes
  • Payload: 11.33kg / 25 lbs
  • Motor: Brushless Thrusters – 11 lbf / 5 kgf max
  • Speed: 8-10 knots / 9.2 – 11.5 mph / 14.8 – 18.5 kph
  • Hatch: 24″ x 14″

Internal compartment

  • Hull: Durable HDPE – LIFETIME limited Warranty
  • Transmitter: 2.4 ghz FUTABA T6K
  • Transmitter Range: 2 km

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